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xhdpiGetting Started with the Fendrr Tool App

Setting up the Yacht

First, we need to set the yacht up on Fendrr by registering through the website. Click on the ‘My Account’ Tab above and then click on ‘register for your fendrr account’. Now you can fill in all the relevant information and your boat will be registered. This is your admin account for the boat so it’s best to use an email address linked to the vessel for crew to use in the future. You can then use your personal email to set up your crew account through the App. 

Wondering how to register a new boat? check out the video below.

Create a department –

Create a relevant department such as an ‘Exterior Department’ or ‘Interior Department’. Each department has a unique QR code which will need to be scanned for crew join the yacht.

Any crew assigned to a department will appear under the appropriate department on the website. The admin for the yacht can make specific crew ‘Supervisors’, which allows those crew members to have access to the website using their crew accounts credentials. Supervisors can also re-arrange tasks and assign tasks to other crew members.

Crew can change departments within the app if needed. Need help setting up a department? Check out the video below.

Fendrr Tools

Stock Control

First we need to create some locations and once these are created we can then add stock to these locations. This can be done with a simple stock count using the app. Check out the ‘how to’ video below.

Stock Control is a tool to be able to stay on top of stock using the App. The idea is for the crew members to be able to adjust the inventory live from their phones. If done correctly then it makes your stock very accurate and you won’t have to waste time counting stock every time you need to make an order.

With a little bit of set up, QR Codes and barcodes can help cut out human error and allows your stock inventory to go live. Other advantages include locating the item storage location by scanning the QR code for the product and stock counts can be super quick because the inventory is updated live online.

Our Stock Control tool has some other useful features. Because it’s automated we can set a ‘warning threshold’ for each item, which will highlight any items below that number to warn you of low stock. If a product has no barcode or you would like to group various items under the same QR Code, we can create the item through the website which then generates its own QR code. Multiple barcodes can also be added to the same item. These QR codes can be printed off and put at the location for crew to scan and adjust stock levels. You could also make a QR code catalogue for all your products to keep your QR Codes neatly in one place. Fendrr also does most of the hard work for you as not only can all stock can be exported to Excel at the touch of a button, but also all ‘low stock’ can be exported to excel which makes orders very easy and simple.


Task List

On the website, we need to create a List. For example this can be ‘Todays Jobs’, ‘Night Jobs’ or a ‘Wish List’. You can make as many lists as you like. Then we can add tasks to a list. This will include a name for the task, description and a picture if needed. These tasks can be viewed on the app immediately and edited on the fly. Each task can be accepted by crew or allocated to crew by supervisors, turning the task orange and showing someone has started the task. When completed it can be marked completed which will turn the task green. We can also export task lists to excel which is great if you have upcoming yard periods or you like to retain past lists for any reason. You can also switch tasks between lists so you can move tasks as you see fit depending on you work schedule.

If crew are subscribed to notifications, you can also send out a notification when adding a task to a list or allocating someone to a task. 


Check out the video below.


‘Checklists’ tool allows you to create checklists that are likely to be repeated many times. For example a ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ (SOP) or a ‘Stowing for Sea’ checklist. The checklists can be ticked off by anyone in the department in real time and can be viewed or monitored from a desktop. When checking off an item, the persons name and time (in UTC) will appear next to the item being checked off giving crew some accountability. Crew can also add comments in real time to items as they check it off. Once completed, the checklist can be refreshed from the desktop ready for the next use.


Sign in/out Board

We’ve all been there, we have left the boat and forgotten to sign ourselves out. No problem, now it can be done from your phone. There are two modes which can be changed from the website. ‘In port’ and ‘At Sea’. 

In Port: This is a virtual Sign in/out Board for the crew leaving and returning to the vessel. We can sign off/on the vessel from the app. This keeps a real time live list of crew onboard which can be viewed from the app or website.

At Sea: When at sea, it is the same concept except designed for crew going from inside to outside. When crew go outside the system notes the time and position when going outside, great for safety reasons. Now we know how long they have been outside and where they went outside, so a great starting point to start a search in case of an unseen Man Over Board.


When crew go on leave, there is an option for the crew members to go on leave and come off the crew board without leaving the Vessel on the app. This will also take them off the task list allocations in the ‘task lists’ tool.

The live crew board will update every 60 seconds, so you could put this on an Ipad in either the bridge or crew entrance depending on the circumstances.  

Notice Board

We’ve all been there, we’re off the boat and can’t remember if we’re on watch tomorrow, or we can’t find that important piece of information that was posted on the Whatsapp group chat a few weeks ago. The notice board is a virtual notice board where you can upload files to view on the App. There are two permanent folders called Muster List and Watch Schedule. You can also create new folders and add files to that as you see fit. You can also choose which departments are able to view the folder.



How to get the app

From our phones or tablet, visit ‘my.fendrr.com/toolkitapp’ and when prompted save to your home screen. Or scan the QR code below.

Link To download App

This will take you to the App. Follow the step by step screenshots below on how to install the App.




Fendrr tools is now installed on your Iphone.






Each crew member needs to register through the app and then they can link their profile with the department they work in. This is done by either scanning the departments QR code or typing in the departments’ unique code (found in the ‘Boat Department’ section in the yachts profile). Now we’re ready.

Crew who are made supervisors (which can be done through the website in the departments section) can log into the website using the same personal log in details for their app account and get extra supervisor perks within the app.

Fendrr Tools:

Fendrr Tools has been created by current yacht crew and we feel that efficiency can be greatly improved with the help of some simple tools.

At the moment we have five tools up and running, Stock Control, Task List, Checklists, Sign in/out board and Notice board. We are currently working on other tool ideas and we’re excited to see how it progresses in the future. New tools will be coming soon.