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xhdpiGetting Started with the Fendrr Tool App

First you need to register online through our Website and log into your account. Here you can see your yachts profile/information and all of the tools at your disposal. Wondering how to register a new boat? check out the video below.

To start with we need to make a department and once a department is created, crew can join your vessel by scanning the departments QR Code from the app. Check out the video below.

How to get the app

From our phones, visit “my.fendrr.com/toolkitapp”

Stock Control

First we need to create some locations and once these are created we can then add stock to these locations. This can be done with a simple stock count using the app. Check out the ‘how to’ video below.

Our Stock Control tool has some useful features. We can set a Warning threshold for each item, which will highlight any items below that number to warn you of low stock. If a product has no barcode or you would like to group various items under the same QR Code, we can create the item through the website which then generates its own barcode. This barcode can be printed off and put at the location for crew to scan and adjust stock levels. Each stock sheet can be exported to Excel at the touch of a button.

Task List

Task lists is a tool that allows you to create various lists depending on your need. For example you could create a list for ‘Todays jobs’ , ‘Night jobs’, ‘Wish List’, ‘Order List’, ‘Yard List’. In each ‘List’ you can create ‘Tasks’ which allow you to add descriptions and pictures of the task. These can be edited as you go, with notes as you progress through the task or pictures to show how the task is progressing. Once the task is completed you can check the ‘Completed box’ which turns the task green. Everyone linked to the department can see and edit each task, which will update in real time. check out the video below.


‘Checklists’ tool allows you to create checklists that are likely to be repeated many times. For example a ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ (SOP) or a ‘Stowing for Sea’ checklist. The checklists can be ticked off by anyone in the department in real time and can be view or monitored from a desktop. When checking off an item, the persons name and time (in UTC) will appear next to the item being checked off.


Crew need to set up the ‘Fendrr Tools’ app and Register. Through the app they can link their profile with the department they work in. This is done by either scanning the departments QR Barcode or typing in the departments’ unique code (found in the ‘Boat Department’ section in the yachts profile). Now we’re ready.

Crew who are made supervisors (which can be done through the website in the departments section) can log into the website using the same personal log in details for their app account.

Stock Control

To adjust stock, all we need to do is select which location we are adjusting, click Add or Remove and then scan the products’ barcode. We can adjust numbers and then save. This automatically updates the boats stock levels online. We can lookup an item by selecting ‘Lookup Item’ and this will show us how many there are of this item in this location and other locations around the boat.

Task List

Crew can create new tasks through the app. A task consists of a Title, Description and Photos. Any new task will be available to see by all crew in that department. This is a nice, simple way of reminding yourself and your team of little jobs to do when you get some spare time. For example, you’re busy doing a wash down but you notice some damage to the teak. Just create a new task through the app and carry on the wash down. Now you have a little reminder of it ready for when you or your team gets some free time.

Fendrr Tools:

Fendrr Tools has been created by someone who has worked in the industry and feels that efficiency can be greatly improved with the help of some simple tools.

At the moment we have two tools up and running, Stock Control and Task List. We are currently working on other tool ideas and we’re excited to see how it progresses in the future. New tools will be coming soon.