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Fendrr Tools is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for yachting. ’Fendrr Tools’ aims to create numerous tools to change the way we go about our jobs within the yachting industry.

To set up a boat you will need to register through this website, check out the ‘Getting Started’ tab for more info. To register Crew you will need to download the app and register through the app. This crew account will then stay with you for the duration of your yachting career. All you need to do is link your app to the boats once you join by scanning their barcode.

The first tool is called ‘stock control’. This tool utilises the camera on our Smartphone and turns it into a barcode scanner. Staying on top of stock levels has never been easier with this tool. With a simple scan of the barcode we can update the stock instantly through the app. Take a look at the video below to see how it works.

The second tool is called ‘Task List’. Task List is a tool which allows you to make and share the everyday tasks with everyone else in your department. Create a task, upload a photo and edit the task as you go. The idea is to make an everyday list of short jobs or reminders for everyone in the department to view on the fly.

xhdpiFendrr Tools is available for Android and iOS devices.

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For Yachts

Fendrr Tools has various tools for the yacht to take full advantage of. These tools are to help yachts operate more efficiently than ever before. For example, Stock Control allows the yacht to keep on top of stock levels throughout the season in a way that’s easier for everyone.